Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas 2012

This was a good Christmas this year. All five of us were together--Chris, Josh, Mom, Dad, and me. I'm pretty sure my mom had been wishing for that for at least 4 years. Every family has their ups and downs and things that they don't like about each other. But forget all that, because we are a family. We should be together for Christmas and we were!

We had an awesome Christmas, too. I went to church on Christmas Eve and then again on Christmas Day. The services were both so moving. On Christmas Eve  i went to the kid's mass; that was so sweet. They had the kids singing the songs, then they got all the kids to come up and see baby Jesus. Then, Fr. Kramer asked all the kids what gift did they bring to gave to God? One boy said I didn't know we needed a gift! Then, this little girl said, its us, we are the gift! I am 18 and I never thought about it like that and a little girl did!

After church my mom and dad picked me up and I got in the car thinking I was going home. But no, we had to go to the store on Christmas Eve. In my head I was thinking, Oh no, that's when all the crazy people come out; we got out just in time, trust me.
Then we went home. Every year we open one gift on Christmas Eve, so we opened them! After that everyone just chilled for a bit, then went to sleep.

I woke up at 5, and had to wait till 7:40 for everyone else to get up. Then we all got up and everyone said Merry Christmas! We opened more gifts and then we had some food. Then we all played with our new stuff , then got ready for Christmas Day mass at 10:00. That was really nice, because my whole family was being God's gift together. After mass we went to lunch, then went to see Les Miserables. The movie was amazing, and a really great ending to a awesome Christmas!!!

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