Thursday, January 10, 2013

We need to be looked up to.

I have a little story to tell you. I was sitting at school and I heard a senior making fun of a freshman. I thought to myself, “I remember when I was a freshman. I was scared of seniors.” So I felt the need to find out what was going on. I knew the senior. I asked, “what in the world are you doing?” They told me to stay out of it, so I waited until it got too ugly then I had to butt in!

The freshman was getting very upset, so I stepped in. I said to the senior, “I don't think you need to be mean to someone a lot younger then you! As seniors we should be looked up to and not looked down on! It makes all of us seniors look bad!” I told him he should stop. Then the freshman started crying and ran out of the room.

I told the senior that he went way to far with that! Then the senior got mad at me for helping the freshman and not him! I told him I help people in need, not bullies. He said he didn't want be friends with people that didn't stick up for him. I said I would not be friends with someone who picked on 14 year old girls.

I walked out to find the freshman. I found her and sat down and talked to her to make sure she was ok. I said, “Hey, I'm Maggie. We are in choir together.” She said, “Hey I remember you.” I asked, “Are you okay sweetheart?” She said, “Yes thank you. I'm just tired of bullies.”

That broke my heart because she should be able to come to us, not think we are bullies. I told her some funny stories and told her being different is a great thing in my eyes. I told her I wouldn't have many friends if they were all the same. I told her she was awesome and that I would like to be her friend. She said, “I would like that.” We went to class together. We have been good friends ever since.

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