Monday, January 7, 2013

Being Grateful

Today when I was in church I asked a little boy how he was doing. He looked at me with a big smile on his face and said, “I'm great!” I said, “Wow, really! That is really cool to hear.” You don't hear it a lot. It was even more amazing because I know what this little boy's home life is like. It's not perfect. But he is still great! He is just so grateful for what he has.

That's how most of us should be, but we aren't. A lot of us look at what isn't right and not what is! It just shows you how wrong is our outlook on life sometimes. After I talked to that little boy, all I could think about is what I do have. I have so much, and I'm so grateful for what I have! Its so good when you see the light in other people's life. It gives you hope yourself. At Christmas time it makes me so grateful!

We are lucky to have Jesus as a gift for Christmas. I'm grateful I can be one of his gifts! We should all stop and think about how we are Jesus' gifts and not if mom and dad are getting the right gift for us! Sometimes our mindset isn't in the right place; we have to set it to be more grateful. Its better to live your life happy and grateful than sad and alone!

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