Monday, January 14, 2013

Living Like the Homeless

We are all so blessed in what we have—food, a home, money, a family, friends. But sometimes we all need a little reminder. A few weeks ago I went on a hunger retreat, and we lived how homeless people. It was crazy and so sad to be like that! I could never think about what I would have done to my life to get me in that situation. Its really sad.

I feel so bad for homeless people! We had to make a box house and sleep in that all night. It was cold and not comfortable at all! We couldn't even change our outfits; the homeless only have one thing and they are wearing it. The next morning then we had to feed 18 people on $20 because the homeless don't have much money at all. Then we had to go door to door to ask for cans and other foods! By this time we felt so bad for homeless people at this point.

Now when I see homeless people I feel their pain. I feel so bad that they are in that place!  It was so weird living in someone else's shoes—especially when its not good shoes. Now whenever I think about what I don't have, I think about all the things I have that the homeless don't. I have sooo much when I think about it. I have a house. I have friends. I have a family. I have a job. I have money. I take trips. I get christmas gifts. They don't get any of that! They have to stand on the side of the street asking for things just to survive. Now I pray for the homeless to work hard and get their lives back together. That's the best thing for them to do.  

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