Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Growing Up

Every 18 year old wants to grow up and get out from under their parent's wings. But when you get to the time when you have more freedom, some people go overboard. They go out with the wrong guys, get tattoos, drink, smoke and stuff like that. They do all the things their parents told them not to do; as soon as they can, they want to, so they do it all! Its a bad path to take, but some of us choose one of them or all of them!

Becoming an adult is hard; there is so much you can do when you are an adult. You are just so tired of being told that you are just a kid and that you don't know anything. So you go off on your own to see what the world is like--not through your mom and dad's eyes, but through your own. You see its hard being an adult too. No one ever said it was easy because its not!

Becoming an adult means making the right choices. The reason we are adults and still in high school is because we still need someone to show us how to be an adult. Most of us need help knowing the right way to grow up. Its not like you say on your 18th birthday, “Hey, everybody, I'm a grown up! I'm just like you all!” You turn 18 and then you work on growing up. You learn how to make good choice by being able to say no to the bad ones. It takes a lot of work, but you don't just want to sit around and hope you will grow up any minute. It doesn't just happen. Growing up is not easy but its worth it in the end.