Friday, March 1, 2013

If Only You Were Here

I miss my Papa (my name for my Grandfather) with all my heart. My life would be so much better if he was here! He was and is my angel! He always knew the right thing to say. You would ask him if something was right, and he would say the best things back to you. He was a very wise man.

I believe if my Papa was still here we would all be living at home as happy as we could be. He was like the piece that every family needs; without it you fall apart. Something like that happened to our family. After he died we all started to fall apart; no one knows if his death was the reason, but I think so. We are doing alright without him, but its not the same as it would be if he were still with us.

Even though he's not with us, in a way he's still here. You go day by day and remember things about him. I do and say things and think about what my Papa would think, most of all what would my papa do?

I really do live to make him happy! I'm trying to be a better person. He will be happy to know I'm trying to change my life!

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