Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Mirror

The mirror was something I couldn't even look at without thinking something bad about myself. It's very easy to find something bad about yourself. Want to know why? Because we aren't perfect! We are imperfect, but that doesn't mean we aren't pretty! We all are so beautiful. God made us the way we are! Do you really think He would make one person ugly or fat to make them feel bad about themselves? No!

I have learned that when I look in the mirror to think about what I like about myself. There is so much good about me--much more than there is bad! That's a really hard thing to say about yourself because you are more likely see the bad then the good. You need to change your mindset in order to see the good in yourself. If all you do is think bad about yourself all you are going to do is feel bad for yourself! That's no way to live.

There is always so much good in everyone! I can tell you one good thing about everyone I know.  I really do know how easy it is to look down on yourself , but I can't even tell you how much worse it is for you! I even know a friend who has covered her mirrors because she can't even look at herself anymore. That's so sad to me because I know this girl; she is so beautiful, and I only wish she could see it too! But sometimes we are so blind to what we really look like. There are so many good things about us, we just need to see them! 

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