Saturday, May 25, 2013

All Dressed Up with Someplace to Go

It finally happened! The thing that you wait 4 years for!! Your Senior Semi-Formal!! I have dreamed about my Senior  semi-formal for years because I have older brothers and they told me about their's, so I have been waiting for mine to come. And it did.

Before it me and some of my girl friends got ready together. We did our hair and nails and makeup all together. It was so much fun. Then our parents took pictures together then went on in. We all couldn't believe it was our last one. We got in and everyone looked great in their dresses and suits. So we all talked for a bit, then we sat down and started to eat our dinner. The food was pretty good.

After we finished eating we had the no-talent talent show. As always, it was very funny! Then after that we had the Senior awards. It was awesome! i got the “Mary Poppins” award for all my babysitting and for always having things on hand in my big bag when I need them. Then some of us went to the after party and some went home .

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