Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saying Goodbye to our Beloved Dog

Our loving dog Judy past away in her sleep a few weeks ago. We found her right before we all went to bed. My dad called her name and called her name, but she wouldn't come. Then we saw her sleeping on the floor by the chair, but she wasn't sleeping. I ran over to our neighbor's house so she could help us see if Judy was still alive. She looked at her and saw that she was gone.

The hardest part was calling Chris, because Judy had been his dog! We all went to sleep. The next morning we went and got Chris so he could see her before we buried Judy. It was all very sad. We all couldn't believe that she was dead. We all had a really hard time with the fact the she wasn't going be around anymore.

Judy was the sweetest dog you could ever dream of. She was part of the family. Usually, when we went on vacation, she would go with us. She would always sleep with you when you were sick. Judy was like a best friend to everyone in the family. She was a great dog who loved everyone. There will never be a dog like Judy again.

R.I.P Judy!

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