Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bingo! Its a Dance!

My youth group had a bingo night/dance. We are raising money for our summer trip; we did the dance because you can only do so many car washes before your ears get water logged. Also, most people would rather go to a dance!

We also played bingo for a while. When you think of bingo you think of old people, but even teen's love bingo! Some people won cupcakes and other sweet foods! Everyone had to make something sweet to take. I made chocolate chip cookies; most of the time I would have make a cake, but I forgot I had to bring something until the last minute.

After bingo we turned off the lights and turned on the music. At first no one got up and danced, but then good songs came on so everyone got up and danced. My favorite song was the Electric Slide. Then after a lot of dancing, we all got food and drinks and just chilled and talked. I talked with my friend Mark and  his friend Isabele. We talked about Mark's homework and where she goes to school and how loud the music was! Then more good songs came on, so we got up and danced some more. By then we were all comfortable; in fact everyone was sad it was over.

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