Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What to Wear and What not to Wear.

I go out to the store, and its hard to shop for decent clothes. What the world wants you to wear is very different from what I would wear! I like to look good without looking like a a bad person.

Some of us don't want to show everything we have to the whole world. How you dress shows what you are willing to give out, too. The girls who wear the bad outfits are giving out way more then I'm willing to!

I like how I can wear nice stuff but still look good. I still wear lots of dresses, but I just don't show everything off like some girls! I believe that everyone should always look nice, even if you're just going to the store. Sometime I know we are just too lazy to get dressed up. I feel the same way sometimes. But we should look nice.

What we wear sends a message. I would like my message to be a good one. We all should want that! It takes a lot to look nice and show yourself in your outfit. But its a good feeling when you can say I dressed like me today. People can tell what kind of person you are within your outfit. A lot of people wouldn't see it like this, but this is my outlook. I think a lot of people should try to think like this a little! I think a lot of people don't even think about what they are wearing. But a lot of people don't even care if they look good, but we should all try to look our best.

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