Saturday, May 25, 2013

Showing me the Light

I had a really good talk with my Dad about love. A few mouths ago I thought I was in love. But my Dad told me love is mutual; if it is not mutual, it isn't love. I thought he loved me, but I was wrong! So, if he didn't love me back it really wasn't love. It may have felt like love, but it wasn't.

Its hard for us to tell what's real and what's not. I'm 18 and I have no clue what real love is like. I just know its not like in the movies, like every girl hopes it is! It's more like your Mom and Dad's love or like your friend's Mom and Dad.

When you see real love you, will just know. But I'm telling you its not easy to know. When you think you're in love, its not always real. So I think you should just start praying for that person to come into your life and stop looking hard for it. I have learned that things come when you don't look. It will all happen on God's time, not ours.

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