Wednesday, May 15, 2013

October Baby

I saw this pro-life movie called October Baby. It was so amazing and moving. Its about a girl who finds out she is adopted. She goes to find her birth mother to find out why she was given up. She finds out that she is a failed abortion! She had a twin brother who came out with only one arm; he didn't make it more then 3 weeks after they were born. All she waited to know is why she wasn't with her birth mom, and she finds out all this painful stuff from her past that she didn't know about.

She was mad at her mom and dad for not telling her that they were not her birth mom and dad! They didn't tell her because it hurt too much to talk about. It was just easier not to say anything at all. I get both sides! I would want to know—well, I do know! But I get why they didn't want to talk about it. Its hard because since it was a failed abortion, she had lots of health problems. She finds out when she is 18 when she passes out at a play.

In the end she got to see her birth mother. Her birth mother tells her just to go! She went back 2 days later and left a note for her birth mother telling her she forgave her. Her mom opened the note, collapsed to the floor and started crying. I'm sure she felt bad for what she did, and that's why she didn't want to see her.

It was a really great movie. I think everyone should go see it! 

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